Social Media: Is It Killing Authenticity One Like At A Time?

Self-expression can be practiced in many different ways. You’re reading one of mine right now! And you see a different form of mine here. And it used to be this.

We often think of self-expression as involving speech or writing—putting out thoughts and/or feelings—and perhaps some actions (provided they are creative). People have come up with all sorts of wonderful outlets for self-expression:

  • Photography
  • Art
  • Music
  • Dance

It’s true that creative activities are often a great way to express yourself, but don’t forget about the many other ways available to you! In truth, anytime you are behaving in accordance with your true, authentic self and doing anything other than sitting still, you are likely engaging in self-expression.

And there’s another (fairly obvious) way people have started putting themselves on display:

Social media.

Did you do the >dun-dun-dunnnn< sound effect?

…I did

Anywho! Social media is one of the options for expressing ourselves these days.

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