It Might As Well Be You

We need heroes.

We define our ideals by the heroes we choose, and our ideals—things like courage, honor, and justice—define us. Our heroes help us determine the limits (or lack thereof) of our aspirations.

Heroes make us aware of the good that lies within us. They show us how to overcome our pain or doubt to serve goodness and demonstrate our strengths. They inspire us to be more than we think we are.

Because we ARE more than we think we are.

More powerful.

More capable.

More influential.

More in charge of our lives than we take responsibility for. And that includes unleashing our BIG SPIRIT, connecting to our greatness—to who we really are and why we’re each here—and thereby change the world,

Your “big spirit” is your hero character.

Imagine that you’re the star of a comic book series that gets turned into kickass movies (or a totally lame one that simultaneously hurts my soul & validates what I already knew about the world…)

Our inner heroes are the parts of you and me directly connected to the source of life, the intuitive self that always knows exactly what’s up. It’s only a matter of getting wired into it.

I believe that all human beings, by our very nature, are creative. And I mean ‘creative’ in the most profound sense of the word.

If you happen to take your cue from the Bible, you might remember the passage that says each of us was created “in His image.” Therefore, we are endowed by the Creator as remakes of itself. Creators of our own worlds

By our very nature, what we do is create. All the time, with every thought, every word, every action. And what we’re creating all the time is the landscape of our lives.

Yet, most people are unaware of their creative power. Totally unconscious of their true nature.

Look at how your life has gone when you’ve been unfocused. Look at what you’ve manifested when you weren’t acting from your true, great core. Look at what happens when you settle & forget who you really are.

Do you consider yourself a victims of circumstance? Or are you the maker of your circumstances?

What do you elicit from this life?

Better yet, what would define your life?

Answering that for yourself first can help you figure out what your superpower is. Knowing what effect you want to have on the world is the key to learning how to save the planet.

Because, if the world needs heroes, it might as well be us.

If you could choose 3 superpowers (invisibility, flying, telepathy, etc), which would you choose?

And what is your real-life power?