The Indomitable Human Spirit

I believe that the human spirit is incredibly poeerful.

It is indefatigable, unceasing, indomitable. It doesn’t quit. It strives. It hopes.

If you endeavor to achieve, you can… if you give it the proper “spirit fuel.” What you dream will happen, if you give it enough resolve.

And it can happen immediately, or over generations. What you dream to effect is simply a matter of spirit, of mind, and of breathing life into it.

The effort you put forth to anything transcends yourself, for there is no futility even in death.

This may be the most powerful idea I’ve had in awhile…randomly came across the #MansSearchForMeaning audiobook & spent the afternoon enraptured by #thepowerofoptimism, the importance of #outlook, & what believing in others can do. If you don’t know, that book was given to us by Viktor Frankl, a Holocaust survivor whose whole family, save him and a sister, were wiped out by the Nazis. Through Auschwitz and Dachau, he refused to be broken or embittered by the entire ordeal—in fact, he came up with theories about life, which he built an increidble, prestigious career out of after WW2 ended. Amazing… Stay tuned for a post with more about Frankl’s gift to the world, because it is mind-blowing, -expandong, -altering… #oof #allthefeelz #amazing #ViktorFrankl #humanspirit #rearless #brave #persostenceofthehumanspirit

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