Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.

I read that quippy little saying last week & it really resonated in this ol’ noggin of mine.

Don’t limit your challenges.
Challenge your limits.

I definitely know how much & how often we can let our own assumptions and beliefs hold us back. A lot of the time, it has to do with fear or a lack of confidence, things that were planted in our brains before we even knew what was happening.

We may not take action or shy away from a challenge because we’re scared of what might happen: that we might fail, that people might not like us, that it’s not what we’re “supposed” to do, etc, etc.

Those confidence-killers are different for us all, but the outcome is the same: they cause us to avoid and/or limit our challenges. And that creates lost opportunities for careers, development, and happiness.

From challenges, we gain a number of positive things, namely success, motivation, and personal growth. This creates positive energy for us to do and achieve more.

Here, a delightful upward cycle can begin: taking on challenges creates resilience and makes us stronger, thus allowing us to take on bigger challenges and succeed on bigger levels.

This can apply to personal life as much as it does to professional life.

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