The Brave Go Forward Not Expecting to Return

Hernán Cortés de Monroy y Pizarro Altamirano, Marquis of the Valley of Oaxaca (show-off) was a Spanish Conquistador who led an expedition that caused the fall of the Aztec Empire and brought large portions of present-day Mexico under the rule of the King.

Cortes’s empire-toppling success is attributed to one totally-badA order he allegedly gave upon arrival:


This was meant to send a message to his crew. They were there to go forward, to conquer. There was no turning back. Failure was not an option.

You had to be willing to die to roll with Cortes. Because he was ALL IN.

When we are faced with the choice between Succeed or Die, when there is no returning to our comfort zone, our instinct will be to rise to the challenge.

Kind of like how Will Smith got so popular talking about being successful: You have to want “it” bad enough to die for it.

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