Wired For Gettin’ It

Your brain is like a circuit board. Get it wired right, & those electrical connections can make everything work.

Once you believe you are something, you start to make connections to it. You tune into whatever it is you believe you are, and you begin to think that way, act that way, and live that way.

Imagine that you woke up this morning and had no memory of who you were yesterday. Then, somebody came in and told you that you’re the most famous actor in the world or a brilliant scientist who’s on the brink of curing cancer.

You would have no choice but to act on that information. You’d probably speak and act in accordance with that information. The switch would flip on your mental circuit board to be what you believe you are.

Well, you don’t need someone to tell you who you are or provide the info you will use to form your concept of who you are.

You provide that information.

And the information you provide is more powerful than any other info out there. The story you tell yourself “sticks” much more than any external one. However, we are often influenced by outside factors without even knowing it.

Agents of socialization impart both positive values and beliefs, such as language and customs, and negative values and beliefs, such as racism and stereotypes.

From birth, we are given a set of values that we have to abide by, otherwise we get in trouble. Without our consent or knowledge or input, we are shaped. And it has lasting effects that we may not even be conscious of.

That subconscious programming can work against our true desires and greatest potential by making us unable to program our brains to achieve those things. We can, actually, self-sabotage without even knowing it.

That’s why it’s so important to be aware of how we are wired, and then make conscious effort to re-train our minds and our brains to work towards our greatest happiness. Don’t like the show? Change the channel. Replace the old programming with the kind that works for you.

Being successful is a subjective notion. Only you know what success feels like to you. So, you are the only one who can align your thoughts, beliefs, and actions with that.

You have to introduce the proper wiring to your circuit board. You can’t be unsure, or else you’ll get your wires crossed about your hopes and goals & your dreams will never become a reality.

You must give your thoughts the power to become reality.

And that doesn’t mean that you can never have an ‘off’ moment or that you always have to be perfect. Everyone has doubts, and it’s hard to be 100% confident all the time. But, your positive self-talk has to outweigh, outnumber, and out-work the negative.

It’s a bit how you handle the “negative” & how you make the positive work for you. Have the utmost confidence in yourself that you can stay true to your path—that’s what every self-help program, religion, and practice (both spiritual and physical) are about. If you stay focused on your end goal, your values, and your “why” behind it all, you will be able to say I’ve Got This & handle any situation without getting thrown off-track.

And it all starts with making the right connections within yourself: your thoughts, your actions, and your deepest passions… get them all connected, and then tell me how it turns out.