The #1 Perpetrator of Failed Dreams

The #1 perpetrator of failed dreams is self-doubt…

Everything we eventually become has a root somewhere in our respective minds. Don’t leave any room for uncertainty or non-belief in what you know you’re capable of becoming.

You are the only one who can make it happen, so you have to be the one who believes in you the most. Nobody else can want something for you badly enough to make it real.

Even if you were given everything you [think you] want, it won’t be yours for long if you don’t truly OWN the identity of being the type of person who lives that particular life.

“identity” is nothing more than the notion, the idea of who or what a thing is. Nobody can form your identity for you. Nobody can MAKE you form your own perception or who you are or what you can accomplish.

If you can think it, you can do it… otherwise, it wouldn’t even be in your mental cache of possibilities.

If you can think it, you can do it… but you have to believe in yourself enough to make it happen.

You have to dedicate your thoughts to it.

Then, your actions will follow.

Stack up enough actions in alignment with your mental image, and you’ll come to find that it is your tangible reality.

Man… I got on a tangent this morning…

Do you ever wake up, think about your goals, think about how much you see your loved ones are capable of, and just GRT HYPED??!

I thought about my brother, and everything he does in school and sports and personally to be the type of person he wants to be.

I thought about my dad & how he doesn’t even know how much he can light up any situation he’s in.

I thought about my lady, whose life I’ve WITNESSED become better when she chose to make it better & turned her inklings into self-belief, which turned into actions that have caused measurable and visible improvements.

I think about myself, and how I’ve doubted myself… and where and what that doubt has gotten me. And then I think about all the good I have within me that I’ve been scared to show or hesitant to act on for fear of t being destroyed. And then I think about all the times I’ve acted on my deepest desires, and the great stuff that’s happened because of it.


I’m telling you…

(starts shadowboxing)