Decision Paralysis 

You ever notice how people already have answers, even when they claim not to?

I’ve been playing a Socratic Method game with folks where I ask more than I tell about anything they bring to me… The game is that simple, and it works for everything from student questions to what to have for dinner.

Because, here’s the thing: We already have the answers to these benign questions, but most people lack the confidence to provide them.

There are, absolutely, times when we don’t possess information or knowledge about a subject, but that’s a different can of worms.

For example, a person could ask if a Thai restaurant is close by (information that’s easily attainable with the panoply of devices we have) either to genuinely get an answer or to suggest to others that they should go get some Thai food.

There is a major difference between seeking knowledge and seeking validation,  & it makes me laugh that the presented unknown is really just uncertainty about MAKING a decision & melts away when they can offer the answer in response to a question.

John Steinbeck even said: People don’t want advice; only corroboration.

Spot on.

What a silly species…