How Are You Aligned?

In Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos reboot, he states that humans are the universe looking back at itself. Some people refer to “Source energy” that fills our physical bodies, while others say spirit abides within us (given by one Creator or another).

Contained in the myriad views of life is the notion of a core consciousness behind creation.

There are practices, like The Secret, which are based on the idea that thoughts—properly directing your consciousness—can change a person’s life directly. Prayers are similar tools for imploring divine intervention.

And that’s really what people try to do: come into contact with The Infinite and get it to act in their lives. We crave bigger & better, and the notion that supernatural inspiration can help us achieve it is not lost on people across time and space.

It becomes a matter of getting “in alignment” with whatever thing it is you believe we come from. Channeling God, the Universe, Natural Law, the right vibrational energy through our minds and realizing it through our actions brings life into harmony and opens the door to incredible abundance.

So, own whichever way you believe you are Divine energy in physical form & let’s talk about aligning with it:

There are four ways to think about how life happens:

  1. to me,
  2. by me,
  3. through me, and
  4. as me.


Each stage represents a higher rung on the ladder of spiritual awareness than the one before it. 3 and 4 are where you start to see amazing results—this is where you begin to realize that everything in life, intentional or unintentional, is being guided by divine principles. And tapping into those principles is an extremely powerful and profound way to live.

Becoming a conduit of the amazingness that already exists takes away all the stress and uncertainty and allows you to simply let it all come out through you. You become a force of realization.

So, believe that it’s there.

Then, believe in your ability to connect with it.

We each have one true power: the power to control our thoughts. Thoughts work in both inward and outward directions. They create mental patterns which lead to beliefs, and they inspire action. Thoughts occur in the mind, which is our connection to the energetic realm, Source energy, god, vibrational planes, etc.

So, you have to channel the Pixies and ask yourself: Where is my mind?

Do you think about possibilities, what feelings and emotions you enjoy; or do you act out of anger and fear and shame?

Take a look at the Scale of Consciousness to see how feelings compare (click here or on the image to learn a whole lot more about it):

I provide that scale as a guide to the range of emotions, not as absolute fact about the numerical values assigned to them. But, reflect on how you feel when you’re in those different states, as well as some of the results you’ve gotten from them—that can be enlightening.

Human beings are creative creatures, and our thoughts and feelings have the power to create reality. By undertaking emotional processing, you can energetically align with the reality you desire to create.

As you get rid of destructive thoughts and feelings, you come into harmony. By understanding that something happened to create all the mental patterns in you, you can examine them, evaluate them, and return to your true nature. You are your highest potential. You just have to believe it, and allow yourself to become it.

It brings to mind a quote that always gives me chills:

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. [Read the full quote here.]

Changing your life is a spiritual practice whether you call it that or not—when we desire to change our lives, our most profound desires are always along the lines of increased happiness, love, better relationships, success, and a greater degree of connection of some sort.

All of our deepest desires are emotional, which means they are energetic in nature. Energy is just another word for Spirit.

So, get in touch with your ‘Big Spirit’… only you know what you need to do to accomplish that.