How Are You Aligned?

In Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos reboot, he states that humans are the universe looking back at itself. Some people refer to “Source energy” that fills our physical bodies, while others say spirit abides within us (given by one Creator or another).

Contained in the myriad views of life is the notion of a core consciousness behind creation.

There are practices, like The Secret, which are based on the idea that thoughts—properly directing your consciousness—can change a person’s life directly. Prayers are similar tools for imploring divine intervention.

And that’s really what people try to do: come into contact with The Infinite and get it to act in their lives. We crave bigger & better, and the notion that supernatural inspiration can help us achieve it is not lost on people across time and space.

It becomes a matter of getting “in alignment” with whatever thing it is you believe we come from. Channeling God, the Universe, Natural Law, the right vibrational energy through our minds and realizing it through our actions brings life into harmony and opens the door to incredible abundance.

So, own whichever way you believe you are Divine energy in physical form & let’s talk about aligning with it:

There are four ways to think about how life happens:

  1. to me,
  2. by me,
  3. through me, and
  4. as me.

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