Stop Seeking Demons

It would be difficult to argue against the opinion that we find ourselves in particularly tumultuous times… times in which we are told – even sincerely convinced – that we are at-odds, disconnected, opposition, enemies…

All the left/right shit, the political and ideological battles, and the venomous back-and-forth that has been enabled by the media and those in power can really weigh on us.

But, take a step back…

Ask yourself how much these issues really affect you.

Ask yourself how much you actually hate your neighbor, the stranger at the grocery store, a person who is standing right in front of you who has done you no wrong.

Puts a different lens on it, huh?

These arguments and the vitriol are revealed for what they are: not beneficial (not to me… how about you?)


If you run an operation that benefits from this gross display of hyper-partisanship, that’s another story… and, also, “f-ck you”… but, hey, free market, do your thing… but on a person-to-person basis, as well as an individual basis, this sort of outrage-seeking is no way to operate.

It’s what the news does.

It’s what politicians do.

But, do yourself a favor:

  • Learn to recognize the BS for what it is: BS.
  • Don’t participate in it.

Even though we seem to be living in The Age of Outrage, don’t seek out demons, the cruel and destructive forces. We should not invite more reckless mischief into our world. And certainly don’t create them out of nothing.

Our minds are creative engines. Our thoughts give power to whatever we direct then to. So, stop giving it to the things that destroy and separate. Not only does it bring out the worst in you, but it brings out the worst in life.

Pay attention to what you give power to.

Don’t empower the demons. And take that personally—you wouldn’t help someone or something hurt you. You wouldn’t open the door to an axe murderer.

There are plenty of demons, and they’re looking for an outlet… don’t provide them one. Don’t open the door to negativity. Slam the door shut on destructive notions. And that applies to yourself and to society.

What you seek is seeking you.

Remember that, always… and seek what’s constructive. Open your mental gateways to new ways of understanding, communicating, re-creating the ways we can fit together… because for things to get better in our physical world, the thought to do so has to occur first.