Own Your Divine Agency

Rumi said we (individuals) are each the entire universe in ecstatic motion.

Jesus said that each person has the kingdom of god within.

So, act like this for a day and see how it feels: YOU ARE AN AGENT OF THE DIVINE.

That’s what all those “the universe is inside you,” “you are not a drop in the ocean, but the entire ocean in a drop,” man-as-physical-representation-of-the-infinite teachings and beliefs and sayings are about.

In law school, we learned about the principal-agent relationship. Agents have the ability to act as the principal; their actions are seen, when the principal has authorized such, as the actions of the principal.

So, own your divine agency.

Divinity doesn’t just relate to a god. It is a quality of being sacred, excellent, or delightful. Things like love; bringing out the best in yourself and encouraging the same in others; trust and comfort… all divine things, no?

Whether you consider yourself a child of God, a vessel for universal truth, or merely a body willing to create some goodness in the world, you feel the divine… it’s that sense of awe & well-being in nature… it’s what calls us to love… it’s what makes our hearts reach out… it’s what allows us to transcend language, age, gender, and race barriers to make connections with kindred spirits…

Owning our status as an agent of the divine can help us create better environments around us. By discovering the divine within, we can make ourselves better. By acting as our divine selves, we can make the world around us better.

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