From Me to You

My art page lists [price]+shipping on the pieces offered.

Here’s why…

I leave the shipping option open for a few reasons:

Sometimes, people want it delivered quickly, if they’re giving it as a gift or just want it ASAP to complete a room’s look. Other people want it whenever, so I can save them a few bucks by going through regular mail.

But, REALLY, I leave it open so that, when I’m emailed, the opportunity for a meet-up with folks who live in or will be in the metroplex stays on the table!

Do you know how much I love getting together, seeing my pals, catching up over a latte, a nice vanilla porter, or new restaurant dish??!

It is not only my joy to make art, but to share it & take advantage of the connections it helps me make to everyone.

Plus, with my vision limitations, it gives me great pleasure to get new chances to see friends. Making plans helps me get in quality time with friends I definitely cherish, since my ability to be spontaneous is kinda impeded.

So, when you email about getting some of my art, keep in mind that not only do I want to get it in your hands, I also want to see you, thus a meet-up is always on the table!