Every Day, In Every Way

My girl and I are downright silly on Valentine’s Day… We make fun of all cheesy things, send each other corny memes, and basically do everything we can to besmirch fake “holidays” that force people to express love…

I submit to you: this Instagram post.

We’re nerdballs. Can’t help it.

But the thing about it is: we don’t need to set aside a day to show that we care or that every kids begins with ‘K’ or whatever silly stuff has been cooked up on some arbitrary date. (Plus, our family has a real thang to celebrate on Feb 14: my dad’s birthday)

And that’s not to brag. We’ve been through some hairy times, especially last year, so I’m saying his very matter-of-fairly and gratefully… because I know that there were times I was hard to love.

Last year, Jelaine showed me how much she loved me during countless doctors visits and eye surgeries. I was st my lowest–hopeless, helpless… or so I felt. She took care of me like nobody has before, and at a time when I didn’t feel worthy of anything good and as if I had nothing to offer.

But it taught me vulnerability. And to trust. And to be grateful for the smallest things. And it put our relationship–and relationships in general–in a whole new context for me.

Those challenges helped me see the importance of showing love, affection, appreciation, friendship, gratitude every day.

We say “I love you” every day.

We show it every day.

And, as our relationship goes on, we find new ways to love. She teaches me, explicitly and intuitively, how to love her; the same goes in reverse. Because the simple act of paying attention is an act of love.

Attention requires time, and we know that is one precious, unrenewable resource.

It makes me think of a tournament in college–we flew to Arizona to play at Northern Arizona University. Volleyball season is in the fall, and we didn’t get much time to visit home/family during that time which was always tough. It was easy to get homesick during the season.

It was also when my aunt, uncle, and 2 cousins had moved to Phoenix–the longest they had all been away from “home,” too.

They made the drive to Flagstaff especially to see me, cheer for me and my team, and even made a sign (below). They took the time. They showed some love.

It touched my heart and lifted my spirit, and reminded me that I have love with me anywhere and everywhere I go.