‘171 Ophelia’ – Photos, Information, etc.

‘171 Ophelia’ is a 20×20″ acrylic painting done on a 1 1/2″-thick Level 3 gallery canvas. It features all custom-mixed colors, and a totally unique design done by using the “ring pour” method.

It is coated with a Satin Finish which provides a permanent, protective coating that will not yellow with age; and is moisture-resistant and smudge-proof.

Price: $275+shipping

The name Ophelia is a Greek baby name. In Greek the meaning of the name is: ‘help’. In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Ophelia was the lover of Hamlet who went insane as a result of his irrational behavior.

Looking at the painting as it dried, I couldn’t help but think of the name… so, naturally, I investigated more.

One of Uranus’s moons is named Ophelia. Additionally, ‘171 Ophelia’ is a large, dark asteroid that was discovered by French astronomers.

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