The 21 Rules of Rising

It’s no secret:
Successful People Think Differently Than Average People.

Thomas Jefferson is often credited with saying “If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done.” And we know he’s right—creating unprecedented results requires unprecedented action.Sometimes, that something that will make you rise above the rest is adopting an elite mindset, an elevated perspective or approach that will yield superior results.Because, look around.See how the majority of people have similar opinions? See how they’re not doing much different than everyone else? See how they don’t call the shots in their own lives? See how they aren’t coming up with anything innovative that will change the course of their lives or others’?Do you want to be like that?If you’re anything like me, you just answered in the resounding negatory. So, keep reading & start implementing these:

The 21 Rules of Rising

1) Average people think MONEY is the root of all evil. Elites believe POVERTY is.

Average folks are afraid of money. Maybe they’ve been taught to revile it. Maybe they don’t know what to do with it. Whatever the case may be, they place judgment on it & act as if money is bad. That’s a surefire way to think yourself to Average Town. Look at how guilt, shame, and fear diminish you.The truth is: Everyone needs money.Money is freedom. It’s a resource, a tool to make other things happen. And it’s this view—taking ownership of a great resource & being accountable for its optimization—that elites understand and posses; and allows us to rise above the rest.

2) Average people think selfishness is a vice. Elites view selfishness as a virtue.

Everyone is selfish. Everyone has an ego. You can only truly know one thing: your own POV. But there are two types of selfishness: overt selfishness, which is fine, and covert selfishness, which is for little shits.When you can come right out and say, “I want this my way,” you will get what you want. You are in touch with your standards & proactively seeking their realization.When you’re covertly selfish, you’re calculating, controlling, and vindictive. In this state, a person’s selfish and egocentric motives have no spine.You want something?Go get it. Take it. Make it yours… which begins with having the balls to say I WANT THAT.

3) Average people have a lottery mentality. Elites have an action mentality.

You can wait for your break, or you can bust it wide open your damn self.The lottery has shown, time and again, that it doesn’t turn people into anything more than rich versions of what they already are. If you’re sitting back, waiting on something to happen to you, you’re lazy or not ready to handle a better life or both.If you’re an elite, you make things happen.

4) Average people think the road to riches is paved with formal education. Elites acquire specific knowledge for the purpose of using it to achieve goals.

I’ve said before: DON’T JUST *GO* TO COLLEGE. Because you should be going for a reason, with a goal in mind, with a practical application prepared for your studies.Also, knowledge exists in the world & is available without paying tuition. If you really want to learn, you’ll go learn—the only thing that will stop or propel you is you, and I’ll bet you can guess which one will make you rise above.

5) Average people long for the good old days. Elites create them NOW & into the future.

If you’re too concerned with what was or what could/should be, you’re missing what IS right now. And if you’re not in the present, you’re missing out on opportunities to improve yourself.If you take care of your Right Nows, align them with your vision for your entire life, they’ll stack up & become the future you dream of.

6) Average people see money through the eyes of emotion. Elites think about money logically.

For many people, money is emotional. They consider it problematic. They get personally wrapped up in it.Forget all that.Making money is a game. Money is an object, a resource to use as a game piece. Don’t be wrapped up in it or give it any more importance than it deserves.

7) Average people earn money doing things they don’t love. Elites make a living out of their obsessions.

People who live life on higher levels follow their obsessions to the event horizon and beyond.Average people can’t understand this because their obsessions stop at sports teams, TV shows, or some other nonsense.If you’re going to find success in your field, you will have to be obsessed. Every waking minute. Forget relaxing, forget taking a break, give yourself over to your obsessions. You’ll find it doesn’t feel like work when you love what you do.

8) Average people set low expectations so they’re never disappointed. Elites are up for any challenge.

“It’s no big deal.” “You expect too much.” “You’ve gotta learn to relax. Let’s just watch the game!“Anybody who says those things (or anything like them) to you is a loser & needs to be cut out of your life ASAP.I have no time or respect for that type of nonsense or the people who perpetuate it. How any person could live life so pathetically is beyond me.

9) Average people believe you have to DO something to get rich. Elites know you have to BE something & the rest will fall into place.

“What do I have to do to get rich?””Be the type of person who gets rich.”…and that doesn’t include simply just wanting to be rich.You’ll have to create value. It’s not solely about the bank account; it’s about being a damn killer who can’t HELP but get paid for doing what you do.

10) Average people believe you need money to make money. Elites use other people’s money.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. If you want it bad enough, you will go get it.If you’re creating value with your obsessions, there is a market for you full of buyers who will give you money. Then, because you don’t waste it on frivolous nonsense, you can put that money to work & then it into more money.

11) Average people believe the markets are driven by logic & strategy. Elites know they’re driven by emotion & ego.

Logic is a great personal pursuit. But it’s only one part of the picture. If you look at everything logically you aren’t looking at the big picture which includes this:Most people do not think logically. They think emotionally.Speaking logically to people does not get through to them. It’s a big ol’ “Take Your Medicine.” I’ve been guilty of this (go read my older posts).I assume that, because I’m able to see an issue a certain way, so will everyone else… but, more importantly: I think they CAN, too. Because, while I’ve accomplished some academic feats, I don’t think I’m out & our smarter than everyone else.But, humans are emotional. And thinking is difficult. And difficult stuff gets avoided by average people.

12) Average people live beyond their means. Elites live within (or below) theirs.

Again, this speaks to mindset, character, & values. And to simply. frickin. paying. attention. Don’t spend more than you have, and don’t dig yourself into a hole just to own some stupid stuff.Manage your expenses. Live cleanly & efficiently, like a Spartan. Have money left over. You might be surprised by how “normally” many elites live.

13) Average people teach their kids how to survive. Elites teach their children to excel.

Parents pass along life lessons in direct & indirect ways. They only know what they’ve done & it’s rare they’ll be able to tell you anything bigger & better than what’s gotten them to their current situation.This has created a ton of average people. But it’s never too late to wake up and start kicking ass (instead of licking it).

14) Average people let money stress them out. Elites find peace in wealth.

Money buys freedom. If you have money, you don’t have to take orders. When you have money, you can call your shots & stop asking permission.

15) Average people would rather be entertained than educated. For elites, vice versa.

Television, magazines, celebrity websites, sports – average people throw their money and time into them & get nothing back, other than a few cheap hits of serotonin. Mindless consumption in entertainment form.If you can’t learn or earn from it, why are you wasting your time on it?

16) Average people think elites are snobs. Really, elites seek out quality company.

Elites are different. They’re operating at a higher frequency, an elevated playing field… and why would you ever dumb yourself down, lower your sights, or make yourself less-than with the people you spend time with?The goal is to improve yourself, right?It has been well-studied and -documented that you end up like the people you hang out with, so say goodbye to the losers. Hang out with the curious, the driven, the insightful, the creative, the ambitious… good company.

17) Average people focus on saving. Elites focus on earning.

Once again, this speaks to mentality. Those who rise don’t delay their ascension. They aren’t waiting for some arbitrary age or number of dollars saved to stop working.Saving is a smart financial move, but it’s not the end-all, be-all.You’ve got to earn RIGHT NOW & focus on that: making it happen, its growth, etc.

18) Average people play it safe with money. Elites know when to take risks.

Big risk. Big reward. And that doesn’t mean “Be reckless”—the trick is knowing when, based on critical thinking & information-gathering & a slew of other elite moves, to take risks.Once again, it’s using money as a tool to generate more money.

19) People love being comfortable. Elites learn to embrace discomfort.

Uncertainty, unease, the unknown… Average people will shy away from them at all costs.If you’re going to be different, you’ll have to learn to USE those things.Not happy or comfortable with your life? Let hat be inspiration to change your circumstances.Feeling insecure because you don’t know what’s coming next? There’s your chance to learn how brave you can be, or to prepare better.

20) Average people never make the connection between wealth and health. Elites know the connection.

“…at least I have my health.”This is the anthem of the average whose lives are terrible & who want to throw out any platitude to seem grateful or less of a bummer.I don’t know about you, but I would rather be dead than be average, to toil away for someone else’s dream, or to live a dull and uninspired life.Again, this goes back to mindset. If you’re going to get up & work out, make healthy food choices, etc., you develop those conscientious and self-promoting habits. Those transfer to the rest of your life, including economic choices. And economic freedom will also allow you to seek proper medical care if and when the need arises.

21) Average people believe they must choose between a great family and living a dream life. Elites know you can have it all & make it so.

Average people are excuse-makers. [Have you noticed that trend throughout this list?]”I chose to have a family instead of going into business,” is actually code for “I chose mediocrity/to give in to social stigma/the safe route.” It’s just one more way to stay comfortable & give the impression of achieving something.News-flash: having a baby is not an accomplishment. Teenagers and animals do it accidentally, instinctively; it’s a biological feature.And family is not a burden or an obstacle to living a bananas-great life. It can be a powerful motivator for creating a better life. It’s definitely not an excuse to coast, to give up & stop caring about yourself.People who rise above demand more out of life, then they get it.

It’s a big world out there, and there is plenty for your taking.Demand more, especially from yourself, and your quality of life will go up.