“Upholding My Beliefs” & Other Words That Conceal the Truth

Hey, everyone, can we stop parroting politicians?

They’re full of shadoobie on the one hand. And, on the other, their jobs are very different from everyone else’s. When it comes to making laws for an entire country, a person’s dumbass opinions on things does not matter.

They’re saying that crap to get your votes, and because you’ve let them get away with it… and because most people are easily scared and desperate to feel protected, safe, at-ease.

That’s nothing new. It’s also not something to be disdainful about. And that’s not my position.

But I DO have a big problem with how the feelings-bait is so obviously used & that we’re not calling it out more. Make some of these turds back up their ridiculous soundbyte proclamations.

Like when they said that letting people get married was going to ruin heterosexual marriage.

Did anyone think to ask, “How?”?

Or take any other situation that prompts someone to claim that they’re just “upholding their beliefs”… WouldYouJustSTFUaboutYourBeliefsAsIfTheyMatterToAnyoneElseButYou

So annoying…

Yourrrrrrr beliefs are yourrrrrs.

Yours to live by. Yours to hold in your mind. Yours to inform your decisions. Yours to let limit or expand your worldview and awareness. Yours. Yours. Yours.

You created them. You can change them, update them, look at them from new perspectives. (Or not)

But when they become applause lines and vote-getters, their sincerity goes right out of the window. When they’re used outside the tiny realm of someone’s individual life to negatively impact larger populations, that’s when they become a problem.

Just like the topics used to invoke its utterance, “upholding my beliefs” has been corrupted and made impotent… because, when you look at how it’s used, it means no more than “Protecting my ego”… “fighting off the unfamiliar”… “resisting new wrinkles in my brain”…

Because wrinkles in the brain make waves.

And not everyone is down to hang ten.