You Can’t Fabricate Spirit

I made a funny on twitter earlier this morning, which made me sit down and write my second post of the day.

I got a new follower & followed back, as it was obvious they used an auto-follow program that follows people & unfollows if they don’t follow back (like, Really, you have 24K followers and follow 25.7K people?)

But, they’re solid people to follow – boost numbers, connect to a new network, maybe find some new & interesting peeps… whatever.

So, I followed back & immediately got a notification. It was this:

@HeatherMarcus I’m wondering, what’s your #1 challenge, uɔɿɒM?

Yep, you know me… ol’ uɔɿɒM.

I did some restroom twitter’ing a bit back & changed my display name to read backward. And the program doing twitter for this person couldn’t tell. (It’s obvious when a person sees it.. because our brains are awesome like that)

So, in typical smartass fashion, I responded:

Overcoming my dismay that programs have automated the authenticity out of interaction

And I get it… their profile said they help leaders use honesty to be successful or something… everyone’s on their grind, trying to do business. Heck, I use HootSuite to post to twitter. But GEEZ it gets tedious, boring, even kinda annoying to fend off all the grind.

And it’s not the first time I’ve had a brush with impersonal automation. Self-checkout.

I’ve even been bitten by yhe same malaise I feel when I created it in an HR manager from Fedex or UPS. I saw they were going through a discrimination lawsuit, reached out about my diversity and bias programs/classes, & got a “I’m not interested & please remove me from your mailing list” response.

At first, I went Giiiiirl, you ain’t on my LIST and then Wait, I don’t even have a “list” like THAT so jokes on you, lady

I think that’s a gross way to deal with people.

If I’m reaching out, it’s because I’m really reaching out.

I see a need & try to fill it. I create programs and seminars and even frickin fun bias talks because I see what’s happening & want to smooth it over. “Everyone hates having to do training & studies show it’s ineffective anyway? Wellllll… lemme see what I can do about that.” (It’s the same reason I got into d&i in the first place: there’s a pain point, & I hate people being in pain. I’m a big sister… it’s an innate ^thing^).

Maybe the jokes on me for actually caring?

I really hope that’s not the case. Because I love being in touch with the FEEL of things. I like experiencing peoples’ energy, spirit, vibe – whatever you want to call it.

And that’s one thing all this automation, artificial intelligence, & robots can’t produce. Algorithms may be able to explain or predict or perfect outcomes based on it, programs and tech may be able to evoke it, but they have yet to fabricate spirit.

Ooh… and now I have an idea (goes off in search of robotics contacts)

uɔɿɒM ɿɘʜƚɒɘH, OUT!