Seriousness vs. Humorlessness & The Need For A Collective Unclenching

Hey, America, aren’t your glutes tired??

Everyone’s worried about offending someone, losing XY&Z for their opinions, being taken advantage of, expecting others to hurt them… this is the Age of Uptight.

Geez, it seems like we need to take a national deep breath & unclench our collective asscheeks… And that’s coming from a gal who’s ground her molars into dust & was so anxious she made herself sick LITERALLY.

But there’s a major difference between being serious & being humorless.

I’m serious about the topic everyone seems so wound-up about (government & politics), but that’s because I love(d) it, went to school a bunch for it, ya know… the kind of behavior you do when you’re serious about it. But I’m not humorless about it (how could you not be?)

I have to find the humor in life because the thing I was serious about started causing me severe disgust, thanks to the ridiculous lack of understanding & the crap public discourse about it (if you’ve said “woke” or “this is a Christian nation,” you’re on the same team… Team Please STFU).

Bill Maher once said that he’s mad that not enough people aren’t mad.

I used to be mad that not enough people were mad about the right stuff.

Now, I’m tired of being mad.

I reject mad, especially in an age of such outrage… it’s not useful, genuine, or based on anything of substance. People are mad, feelings are hurt, etc for no other reason than uncatered-to egos…

And it’s gotten everyone nowhere (other than one guy a job in the White House).

We need a happiness revolution, an injection of silly, or even just a pinch more of amusement…

Life’s too short to be miserable.

Jelaine and I went to see Kathleen Madigan this past weekend, and that was part of her closing remarks. Fitting for an evening of fun with good ol’ Aunt Kath… man, and what a great crowd — everybody was on Team Laugh It Up, there was a lighthearted vibe to the entire crowd, but also a real sense of relief coming into and leaving the Majestic.

It was as if everyone NEEDED those laughs, to be taken away from reality for awhile… and it was a tad bittersweet to see what I could only describe as a sense of relief.

Aunt Kath referenced to another great comic, Ron White, during her show (although not by name)… and he’s a public figure who I’ve noticed has gotten serious about his fun.

And that’s what I want to get serious about: being happy.

THAT, if anting, is something to get serious about. Ensuring happiness. Examining what it truly is. Making peace of mind and contentment happen. Yeah… I’ll take some of that.