The Objective & Subjective Nature of Everything

You’ve probably heard the saying: There are three sides to every story: Yours, Mine, & The Truth.’ It’s used to describe the objective and subjective nature of everything.’Subjective’ refers to personal perspectives, feelings, and/or opinions. This side develops through each individual’s experience of going through life. It’s inescapable. It’s inevitable. And it, like bias, is overcome-able with a little awareness.The ‘Objectiverefers to the hard facts, the most-basic truths, a state in which all subjective perspectives are stripped away.Think of it like this:Objectivity has to do with the OBJECT itself. It’s the orange.Subjectivity has to do with the subject, or person, observing it.The orange is the subject of the peoples’ thoughts.

[Although, if you really want to get into this, calling it an orange is still subjective. Someone had to come up with that name to describe it & we’ve all just agreed to play along with that; it’s not really what that thing is called… etc… etc… but that’s too far-out for some…]

I’ve talked before about how everything simply… exists. It all just IS, & we assign meaning and value and names to things as a way to describe, define, & delineate all of it.Call it human nature to seek definition & categorization.It’s how we create reality.Subjective reality refers to the reality inside your mind. It is the meaning you assign to things and events. All objects, dreams ideas and “truths” are different for each person.BBVGObjective reality refers to the reality outside your mind (in the physical world) – the objects and events that make up the “raw data.”