Realize the Rhetoric — Don’t Be A ‘⅔rd Hero’

The hero’s journey consists of three stages I call:

  1. Shake
  2. Break, and
  3. Re-Make

Your life, perceptions, assumptions, status quo gets shaken up, challenged… You have to change — break the monotony — to meet the challenge & become the type of person who rises above…

And then, to complete the journey, you go back into your regular life — back to where it’s easy to slip back into old patterns and ha it’s — and have to take on the internal challenge of BEING your upgraded version in all the ways you weren’t before.

It’s all in the follow-through [has flashback to the days of shooting 100 free throws every day]

Really, though, it serves nothing to go through all the rigmarole of facing a challenge &, having personal breakthroughs, if that doesn’t influence everything else for the better.

On top of that, it becomes insincere… you remember those people who showed up to church, said all the stuff, then went right back to doing whatever… you remember that ex who kept asking you to look beyond all the ways they detracted from you to their intentions… you know how resolutions without true resolution go…

It’s easy to just do what you’ve always done, to return to old ways ESPECIALLY when everything else around us is the same. It’s EASY to just do the same. And you know what they say you get when you do what you’ve always done…

The superficial is for busters.

Substance is where it’s at.

Life exposes what we’re made of. It’s the ultimate proving ground. When the chips are down, we get the chance to create new patterns and. blaze new trails to higher planes of existence that far exceed the superficial.