The View from Above Myself

Whichever screen you’re using to read this, I want you to get one inch away from it for a few seconds and try to read the rest of this article.




How much of the full article could you see?

Not much, huh?

Maybe you saw a few words at a time. Maybe you couldn’t make anything out. Whatever the case may be, we miss a lot with narrow and small views.

When you take a step back from an issue, it’s easier to see it for what it is and make more-informed, objective decisions.

The same goes for changing our lives.

For a really long time, I was stuck in the resentment and anger of being the recipient of physical and emotional abuse. Childhood memories haunted me. I was mad at the adults in my life for not stopping it. Then, i’d feel bad for being angry at them because they also loved and cared for me. I was mad that nobody recognized it or empowered me to resolve all that negativity, because I had no coping skills.

Related imageI was mad that people judged me for acting the way I did when I was subconsciously screaming for love and understanding.

It never hit home in my mind that, although I didn’t know how to do it as a kid, I can now do whatever it takes – love myself, empower others, find new ways to prevent abuse – to heal my hurts.

I had to back away from my anger, so I could see the pain attached to it. Then, I had to take a step away and ask myself what I could do about that pain.

The psychological healing of that process worked wonders.

Backing away from my angry self – because I knew it wasn’t me, and it hurt to be that person – so that I could see the hurt me, was an important first step. Then, backing up even further to see what the hurt did to the original me helped get me back in touch with that aspect.

My original self was loving and joyful, brave and daring, with no pretense. That original could reach through all the years, through my anger and pain, to bring that love and joy out of me in the present. That would be my way of healing.

We are not what has happened to us.

We are what we choose to be.

Like the saying goes:

“All great Acts of Genius began with the same consideration:
Do not be constrained by your present reality.


I had to release my negative identity and the thoughts/emotions that were keepin me in that pattern. I had to rise above that to the level of consciousness that would heal the negativity and unleash greater forms of myself. I needed to step back to move forward.