“How can I send the most of my best into the world?”

That question has two considerations:

  • what your best is
  • how to make the most of it

Well, there are many ways to find your ‘great’… maybe you’re very much in touch with it, or have a good sense of what your natural talents are. We can meditate and ask ourselves the question, “What makes me happiest?” and find the answers in that way.

That’s actually a tool I’ve used. Instead of relying so much on external contexts to provide a definition of me, I had to sit down and face my inner deolation, the veritable Dark Night of the Soul I was experiencing, and get in touch with myself again. Simply asking myself questions and truly listening to the answers as they came into my mind was a huge help.

The only way we truly accept answers is when we come to them. That’s why you could sit through an entire class, but a subject won’t make sense until YOU relate to the material for yourself.

Answers to our soul’s most pressing questions are the same way.

Who better to answer questions about your own purpose, desires, motivations than you? You know more than you give yourself credit for. And that includes *stuff* about yourself.

You deserve to be listened to, by yourself especially. Don’t throw up barriers or fail to hear your own true thoughts… and YES, THAT HAPPENS – our own minds don’t want to allow anything in that may threaten our sense of OK-ness, so it blocks out things that may be true or even help us heal and progress.

Check out my handy Guide to Defense Mechanisms.

Ask yourself. Follow your thoughts. Take your mind through the progression of Q&A until you arrive at some answers, or have some clarity about your identity.

Treat yourself like someone you have a major crush on, and you just want to know everything about. Make the heart-eyes googly face at your inner “best self” because it IS/YOU ARE that adorable, sweet, optimistic, care-free kid, and totally worth all the love and adoration.

And, if you don’t believe anything else from this entire post – nay, WEBSITE – believe that last sentence.

And then let that wacky kid loose.

I always wonder what the little girl from all those home videos would do if she were set free in my life right now. Ho-ly potatoes…

One thing is for-sure, she’d love all these dang animals and be proud of me for still keeping a journal. The playground down the street would get a bunch more usage. She’d probably crush the game on IG and SnapChat, and have just as many people butt-hurt at her for calling out the political BS for what it is (I’ve never been afraid of calling a spade a spade). She’d want to go horseback riding about 241% more than I go currently…

But what would she do to make a living? What would she make life into?

Because that’s an important distinction: making life into your ideal rather than making something out of life.

Life is here to bend to our will.

And we form it by putting what we want into it, shaping it with our energy and effort. Don’t just ask… act, and you shall receive. Because that’s how you put your best into the world: by putting it there.

Just be your best, and you’ll become more accustomed to being it. Be it so much and so often that your life becomes the type of life to accommodate it.