Effect Reflects — Choosing Your Walk Through This Life

Having my morning coffee, I came across footage of Oprah’s interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Since I’m a human being with a sense of being tickled by stuff, I love the Oprah hoopla… my Mimi used to watch her chat show during the afternoons & I loved singing along with the show’s theme song… Iiiiiiiiii’m ev-wry wo-man…

I love Oprah’s story… I love her success… I LOOVVVE that she’s rich af & puts herself on a magazine. Which magazine? Her OWN magazine… and speaking of OWN’ing, that’s her network name. Bc she’s gonna OWN everyone before long.

Anywho… she was on the show talking about the upcoming movie — which she performs in — A Wrinkle In Time.

On top of being totally into the empowering self-discovery, “stay in the light” message & the line of “finding the right frequency”, I’m won over by Mindy Kaling also being in the movie & the overall story… and this cold, dead heart needs all kinds of light.

But! A line during the interview piqued my interest as I sipped my coffee. Here’s the video — the part I’m talking about starts around the 5 minute mark & my commentary will resume after the jump…

What a great attitude about feedback, or In this case: criticism. (And from a noncredible-in-his-incredible-ignorance & easy-to-revile source)

In any form and from any source, it’s easy to be hurt, defensive, or defiant in the face of criticism. And her attitude about it is so great.

When drumpf says something, many people resist it out of pure spite. And he thrives on anxiety and insults and the attention he gets. But Oprah took it & said, “Know what? I’m gonna see what he means, or if there’s a way for me to get better at what I’m doing…”

That’s some high-level operation. That’s taking the potential for insecurity and resistance, and turning it into self-examination and awareness… and the ability to shut down the negativity altogether by saying, “Nope. Once again, your wrong, your opinion is useless, and I feel good about the integrity of what I’m doing.”

What better way to ensure that you’re better than the thing you oppose? By actually being better… ooh, there’s that frequency/energy theme popping back up.

All of life is energy. One psychologist even measured emotions/states of mind — check out The Scale of Consciousness. But you can see it in action all around us in the world — through observable things you don’t have to have any belief to see, know, or accept — like the sun provide energy to the earth… plants convert it into useful energy for their growth, animals (and, remember, humans are animals) eat them — consume the plants’ energy — and convert that energy for their use.

And that energy conversion — getting it from outside sources and giving it via attention, time, effort to people and issues in positive and negative ways follows similar patterns.

Because, ultimately, the ripples (or wrinkles in time) we create and send out into the world are reflections of ourselves.

Same goes for staying in the light versus living in the darkness. You can talk Chi, “I am the way, the truth, and the Light”, and even the shadow self (another term from psychology) here. I had to make the choice to step out of the shadows.

Oprah is a nice example of turning negativity she received into something positive for herself (for her growth and performance), and I can get behind that.

Energy stuff is innnnteresting…