The Link Between Energy & Power (Hint: You Have It)

I’ve been ga-ga over the flow of energy in recent years.

It’s cool to see how it works over and over again… the earth is like a bar magnet with north and south poles, it has a magnetic force — we call it gravity.

Any time you create a current, with a negative and positive flow, a magnetic field is created because of the draw created by the input/output movement… and, then, the ways that same pattern can be observed in our lives. It’s the “you get what you give” notion in action.

Pretty cool stuff…

And, while you or I can’t mess with the force of gravity, we CAN overcome it or otherwise factor its existence into our operations. That’s how rockets are able to “escape” earth’s gravity and go to space.

Aannnd, yes, I’m talking about more than the physical force of gravity or the fields created by bar magnets. (Remember that, with the iron shavings, during junior high science class?)

I’m talking about it in the cause-and-effect way that ideas like karma and chi and the Golden Rule seek to explain: what you send out affects you.

Knowing the flow allows us to tap into it and use it to bring more good stuff back. Paying attention to what we “feed” – like in the Cherokee teaching about the 2 wolves inside each of us – can change how we relate to everything around us, help us become more fully realized humans, and find new ways to impact the world.

I’ve always been an intense person, or so I’ve been told. It never felt that way, from inside me, to wonder aloud or speak up when something didn’t add up or engage in Socratic inquiry before I even knew what that was. It never occurred to me that everyone else was not similarly hungry for answers, but afraid of their uncertainty; daunted by maintaining the status quo, rather than anchored by principle and empowered by potential.

So, I began to see my outspokenness and enthusiasm as negatives. I spoke up less, focused on myself more. Instead of building up the good stuff, I even used it to ty and tear people down (2016 election, anybody?).

But that was the wrong move. The biggest parts of me could be used to make a big difference… if I turned them to the right stuff.

Rather than shutting down my Phoenix, or letting it turn to the dark & destructive, I needed to re-think my approach. I couldn’t make myself smaller or less-than because, well, I’m neither small nor weak. I just had to unleash the kraken of my soul in the right way.

Looking at myself as a conduit for creation helped me become more objective, thus more productive. Being able to look at a situation for what it is allows me to be proactive in it, rather than reactive to it, pursuing my objective to be a force for decency or, at least, to starve the septic negativity and fruitlessness that abound.

With that perspective, conflict becomes a chance to grow and pain becomes a tool to heal.

Also, give it up one time for Famke Janssen forever CRUSHING IT as Jean Grey-turned-The Phoenix in ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’ (which is one of my favorite movies & the X-Men character I pretend now… as a kid, it was Rogue). They should have done more with that, character+story but let’s see what they bring with ‘The Dark Phoenix’ in November…

Meanwhile, I’ll be playing out my own version & trying – always – to Live Heroically. So, let’s pretend to be superheroes together! Like Kurt Vonnegut said: We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.

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