In Every Moment, I Am New

Do you ever sit and think about time and space and how we’re movin through the universe, always in a new place, never the same as we were, going only off the memories – some more recent than others – of who we’ve been?

…uhh, yeah, me neither.


Druing college, I became obsessed with the saying about how we can’t go back and change our yesterdays, but we can start creating a new future at any moment. The fullness of that idea didn’t hit me until I got into learning about space-time, the Arrow of Time, entropy, etc.

Watch this and tell me you don’t have some part of your brain get CRUNK:

In every present moment, we are new. Every present moment is new, and it’ll never happen again; and who we were can be the same way, if we make ourselves that way.


And, as our lives unfurl as time goes by, so can our improvement. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will our optimal life. It starts in our individual minds, but it realizes via action – collective action, and our own personal collections of actions.

I used to collect baseball cards and, every so-often, I’d go through them – box after box, thousands of cards – and check for doubles, check cards’ values… you know, the whole collector rigmarole.

I cherished those cards. My Papaw had given me A BUNCH of them, and we connected over baseball. And, because I valued them, I took care of them. I had those cards until I went to college, and “curated” them 10+ years.

Art collectors do the same.

Action figure enthusiasts and curio shelf-havers do it with great care.

I once knew a kid with a rock collection who cared about those things with all his might.

Our lives offer the same opportunity to curate and cultivate, with every new moment being like one of my baseball cards. Every decision we make is a moment in time that sets us off down a path toward some future.

When decisions and actions don’t align with the futures we hope for, it’s time to review, make cuts, and resolve imperfections.

And, luckily, we can be in perpetual beta and re-create ourselves at any time.