Encompassingness: The Essence of Universal Themes

Actions have “consequences”… no,not in the negative sense. Rather, what we do has effects. When you or I act, it sends ripples, impact tremors like the T-Rex in Jurassic Park, into our lives.

All our choices – the thoughts and actions we choose to entertain and embody – shape our lives beyond the personal… they touch others in their lives, giving us the ability to affect things far beyond our own individual experiences.

An action’s permeability – the qualities that allow it to endure space and time & ride the ripples into lives across demographic and distance – speaks to its Encompassingness.

Encompassingness+image+definition+of+EncompassingnessEncompassingness is why millions have Raced for the Cure and, when it comes to working out, “just do it.” The Susan G. Komen and Nike companies understood the power of slogans, ideas, and missions that appeal to everyone. Any good operation should know, value, and exercise that power.

Everyone has a mother. We know women, rather, people with breasts… then, when men were found to have the same type of cancer: people with bodies. We all have bodies. Because, in the same way that cancer doesn’t discriminate, neither do growth-minded objectives that seek to include and encompass.

Leaders who understand this are able to inspire anyone from anywhere as they embody universal themes and truths that every person can feel in their hearts, minds, bones, spirits…

Because there are some things that touch all humanity, and tapping into those themes draws people in, like loving arms in which one can take root in grounding principles, strip away everything that may prevent their transcending to new heights, and connect to something real and raw that will free them to achieve those new heights.

It’s how politicians win votes. It’s why kids can befriend anyone regardless of demographics. Encompassingness is how comedians like Eddie Murphy and Jerry Seinfeld are able to reach unprecedented levels of success. Another famous comedian, Jim Carrey, said:

The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is.

The ability to draw people in, to reach and empower them with the humanity of one’s own story, is a strong and powerful force. What you are able to make others conscious of with your ripples will, ultimately, find its way back to its source: you.

Imagine, what a leader could do with the drive to provide the context for people of all walks of life to turn their sights for some common, “positive” goal and engage in Concurrent Good to reach it… because our similarities are so much stronger than our differences.