Greatness Is Timeless

Nothing stops the person who desires to achieve.

Every obstacle is seen as an exercise to develop one’s achievement muscles, strengthening the powers of perseverance.

This is why people say that the only time you truly lose is when you quit, and tell you to “keep trying” and “never give up.”

There is even an idea in entrepreneurship that The Best Way to Be In Business Is to Be In Business. Keep evolving, keep improving, just keep at it… And you will get there.

When you want something, you go after it and go after it and go after it until you get it.

Everyone loves the story about how Michael Jordan wasn’t even on his varsity basketball team, how he wasn’t a stand out in college… But look at the impact that Michael Jordan had on the game of basketball.

He didn’t let the time it would take to achieve his goals discourage him.

He just kept working, day after day, practice after practice, game after game, hour after hour…

And now he is a legend.

He has a brand… his silhouette undeniable and unmistakable.

Jordan’s Cohort-In-Greatness, (and a personal icon), the one & only MIA HAMM continues to inspire me more than 20 years after I began to follow her career.

When Mia was being recruited to play in college, the University of North Carolina head coach, Anson Dorrance, cane to check her out. Early one morning, before practice was on most pkayers’ radar, he saw Mia on the field, getting in extra work, honing her craft.

That’s when he knew she’d be great.

And he was right.

Mia Hamm became the face of women’s soccer, and helped the sport reach new heights. She inspired the current players and countless millions of people, boys and girls, across all age and generations.


There is no time limit on achieving it.

There is no expiration date on it.

It outlives the people who achieve it, and stays with people, no matter where they are on their personal timeline.

It is always there, waiting for us each to realize it.