Don’t Be Prejudiced Against Bias

Friend, we have to start a better conversation about all these crazy-ass issues that everyone’s panties are, like, ALWAYS in a twist about.

For starters, let’s talk about bias:

We have a bias about bias.

You mention it & people, even those with the best inentions, go NUTS. Others get touchy about it. And nobody’s doing the conversation any good.

We have to accept that we are, indeed, all biased.

Thinking one is above bias is haughty and dishonest, self-decieving – it’s a symptom of being a human with a singular perspective. But, calling people out about it, ALLLLL accusatory-like, can do more harm than good. (Ever heard of the Backfire Effect?)

Having the balls to express one’s own self-awareness (by telling your story, talking about how or why you arrive at the conclusions you do, etc.) is a good first step.

You know how they say to tell an armed assailant your name and some personal information becuase that makes them less-likey to kill you?

Same goes for the discussion of hot topics, because people head into those JUUUUST as armed.

HMU on the twitters, and let me know when you’ve faced this type of situation.