If You Care About ONE Resource, Please Make It This One

We find ourselves painfully aware of the resources, assets which can be utilized, on our planet.

Plenty of conversation circulates around their finite nature, and how we impact them. Companies like Tesla seek to harness new forms of energy from natural resources as they look down the road to a world in which we have depleted the fossil fuels upon which much of humankind has become so dependent.

Other people talk about another key resource: water. Others see humans as resources (ask any Chief Human Resources Officer or Chief People Officer) while others concern themselves with air and the envirconment.

Some people don’t consider some very valuable things as resources. Others find innovative ways to turn formerly-untapped things into resources. Wind wasn’t always used to turn massive propellers on turbines to generate power for people. And have you seen the technology to wrangle the power of gravitiational waves??

It’s tough to care about all these issues and still find time to “human” especially when the politicized BS surrounding them is piled so high. And that theme lends itself to the one resource I’d ask that you pay close attention to and protect with all your might.

“What’s the resource, H?” you might ask.

Your cognitive resources.

The cognitive resource theory is a leadership theory that focuses on the influence of the leader’s intelligence and experience on his or her reaction to stress.

Do you feel stressed?

Sure you do. We all do. Some people are stressed by the imbeciles running our government. Others are stressed by the border wall and immigrants and medical marijuana. And who hasn’t stressed about money in their life?

But, overcoming those things is simply a matter of gaining better perspective. Looking at more facts and less opinion BS. Getting in touch with what your gut truly tells you about certain issues, not the voice burned into the back of your mind by years of socialization and conditioning.

Here’s what I mean:

Why are LeBron’s shoes so pricey? Is the leather farmed from cows which were hand-fed by Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady on a yacht owned by Bill Gates? Were they stitched by the descendants of one of the most famous seamstresses of all time, Bety Ross? Nnnnnot likely.

They’re so expendsive because they priced them so.

We both know LeBron James is a talented basketball player, but that’s the only reason his shoes are worth more. Fame. Perceived worth. Perceived value.

We are inundated by political opinion and pre-framed issues, about which people RATHER EMOTIONALLY take sides. Are the proposed “answers” to our major issues the only ones? The best ones, the most logical ones, even the RIGHT ones?


But they’re the ones the folks “in charge” (on TV, in office, etc.) offer, and that cuts down the time people have to spend formulating their own opinions about the matters.

Don’t do that.

Look where that kind of behavior has gotten us.

Be better than that.

First, by not giving your energy to the garbage, go-nowhere arguments. And by taking the tiniest bit of time to THINK, truly consider, what sort of messages you entertain, accept, promote, etc…

Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated. Don’t be prorammed with opinions, thoughts, perspectives that aren’t truly your own.

Claim your mind.

Claim your psyche.

Claim the wrinkles of your brain.

De-clutter the junk that pollutes your mind.

Decorate it well.

Run quality control on what you let into your mind. The quality of your thoughts affect the quality of your life.