The One Key to Overcoming Social Obstacles On the Way to Achieiving Your Goals

Let me ask you a question: Do you find it difficult to improve yourself when there is social pressure to be just like everybody else?

Do you face opinions, negativity, or skepticism from other people about anything “different” you might be doing?

Do you find it hard to get what you want or deal with resistance to your changes?

Join the club. Welcome to life.

Those are not uncommon obstacles.

You may want to do all the right things to improve your life but friends, coworkers, or family may not be on the same same page. They may not have the same goals or values, or maybe they just want to do what they want. Whatever the case, we all have different mental patterns affecting our habits, behavior, etc.

Nobody else dictates what you want or what you do. It’s that simple. But that doesn’t make overcoming social obstacles (the things that do not cooperate with your intentions), any easier.

Here is the one thing to focus on to get a perseverance boost:

Open Communication

Communication is everything.

An open line of communication within – between your conscience and your consciousness – and without – between you and others – can make all the difference.

Your internal monologue may be doubtful, telling you things are hard, making you justify decisions that aren’t on-message, or that people may not understand. And that’s when you reply as the person you are trying to be: “STFU, old me, your habits suck & I’m creating new ones.”

You create everything by your thoughts, so if you think that you can’t follow through and become who you want to be, that’s exactly what will happen.

If you think that other people won’t understand you, that’s exactly what will happen.

If you think people will think you’re crazy, that’s exactly what will happen.

And if you think it’s not possible to be healthy AND socialize with the rest of the world, that’s exactly what will happen!

So the first step is to really get rid of all those pre-conceived notions and all of that mental chatter, and begin with the thought that Yes, I can have a great social life & achieve everything I’m trying to.”

It is, essentially, enforcing and reinforcing the idea that I AM MY IDEAL, DVERY DAY, IN EVERY WAY & not allowing anything external dictate who you are or what you do or dissuade you from being as great as you want to be.

By including people on your mental journey, you let them know what you’re trying to accomplish and put them on notice of your expectations for yourself. You might be surprised at how supportive they may be. Read: The Cycle of Openness

And if they’re not supportive, they’re not the type of people you need to be around.

Maybe you’ll inspire others. Mate you’ll scare them away with your standards. Either way, stay true to you & they’ll work themselves out.

No matter what, stay true to you.