Know These 3 Types of Change

Change… and, no, I’m not talking about the germ-covered, fountain-dwelling kind. I’m talking about the process of becoming different.

Change not only means to evolve; it itself is a constantly-evolving issue.

We face change every single day, and have the duty, the responsibility, the challenge of navigating it unscathed.

In order to do so, it is important to recognize that different types of change exist. In fact, there are three types of change to be aware of.

These types of change are:

  • Developmental Change
  • Transitional Change
  • Transformational Change

Developmental Change

Developmental change occurs when you recognize a need to make improvements to an existing situation.

This is not re-creating an entire system, but instead refining it to make it better.

Transitional Change

You experience transitional change when you feel the need to implement a completely new course of action.

To make this type of change, you will create a set plan for making the change happened, and become able to control the implementation process over a designated period of time.

Transformational Change

Undergoing a transformation is not necessarily something that you control, so much as you experience, endure, & live to tell about it.

You will find that things transform on their own, as a result of the failure of one system and another process or system filling the void. You can, of course, refined this transformation as it develops but it is not usually planned.

Being able to recognize these three types of change as the occur in your life will help you develop & manage your own change.

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