Looking Through A Keyhole

The world is big, and there’s room for everyone, all kinds of things and perspectives and ideas… In the grand scheme of things, your life, my life, everyone’s life is s blip on the radar.

None of us truly know why we were born, how and why we’ll die, why we were planted here at this time which is past, present, and future at once. We don’t know when time began, or when it will end, or “when” we truly are…The whole nature of reality is up for grabs, up to us to decide & define for ourselves.

I don’t know how your story goes exactly. And you don’t know the same for me. So, the best we can do is share with each other. (I know I’m curious about yours.)

We can tell our stories & listen to each other’s, so that maybe – maybe – we can make better sense of what this life means.

Because we all look through life through a tiny keyhole. We are each One out of trillions and trillions of views of this existence. We only intimately know one, tiny experience: our own.

We all have our own repertoire of lessons and thoughts and impressions about how life goes, and that could have a healing and restorative effect on the world, if we were to share them.

Everyone has a story to tell. I see it easily & willingly in everyone I meet–I really love people.

I’d be glad to tell you what I see in you, or shoot the breeze about life in general. Let’s chat!