Be the Architect of Your Own Life

The only thing you have to lose is your dream by living a life that is not true to you.

After you read this post, spend a little time alone. When you are alone with your thoughts, you get an idea of what they truly are.

If you live your life constantly acting on the momentum of other peoples’ expectations, inspired only by wanting to be accepted by them, you will fall into a trap and set up a life that you don’t really want.

You’ll find yourself trapped in a situation where you have a bunch of stuff that takes from you, that you don’t actually want, and that doesn’t fill you up. Pay attention to what you constantly have to feed, and whether or not it feeds you back.

If you are constantly being taken from, pecked at, detracted… Where will that lead you? What state will you find yourself in after awhile?

And, if you let that go on, it becomes habit… You’ll get locked in, unable to change it, unable to take the chance that will change your life.

Don’t get stuck.

And, yes, it is a choice… Rather, an error of choice. A tactical error.

It’s a mistake, like when you get stuck in a video game or find yourself lost in the woods. Life is the same type of journey. And we have to be aware that, when we are making the journey, we don’t always make the right turns, take the right steps, or do everything perfectly.

Sometimes, we have to back up and try again.

Don’t trap yourself where you can’t back up and try again. There are plenty of systems that work to trap us, set out honeypots to get us stuck, like the idea of retirement or taking out lines of credit to achieve some superficial image of success.

Escape those systems, those untenable ways of thinking. Turn your goals into a system.

It’s up to you to see the larger game, to see the map, and to recognize where things could go wrong… and then be better than them.

See issues when they come up, before they come up, & navigate around them. Overcome them. Incapacitate them, so that they do not become an issue again.

Calculate your future. Look around. Look at all the people who are living in misery, not in control of their lives, not fulfilled by their lives.

Avoid those people. Get rid of those people. But, learn from those people. And be different from those people.

Then, look at the people who have taken the risk of betting on themselves, taken a chance on making their lives exactly how they want them to be. What can you learn from them? What did they do differently? What objectivity did they have that maybe you lack? What insight can you gain from them?

And, most importantly, what is it that people who are more successful willing to do that you are not? Or, what have they done that you have not?

More often than not, it is facing something within themselves that you may not be willing to look at. Maybe your ego is keeping you from looking at that one thing objectively. Maybe you can’t see yourself clearly, because justification is your strong suit. Maybe you’ve told yourself s bunch of lies to avoid the discomfort of having to improve, aka: to change.

But, the person who was able to look at themselves the closest is going to have the best perspective, and therefore will be able to get better results. They are the ones who consciously choose to live by their ideal.

It all starts with thought. Your goals come from somewhere. The choice to act in pursuit of them comes from somewhere. The decision to face who you’ve been in order to free who you are is based in something, which your entire life points back to: what you create first in your mind.

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