Don’t Just Talk About It. Be About It.

There’s something about literally anything written by all the great coaches… Pat Summitt, John Wooden, Phil Jackson, Pia Sundhage… I’d even read writing on the bathroom wall, if it was a bit of wisdom from Pat Riley. I love ‘em.

I started reading The Score Takes Care of Itself & CRUSHED IT in no time flat…

It has so much wisdom & quality insights about leadership that can apply to anything from personal goals to business to sports (that, to me, is a sign of good work: transcendence).

One such tidbit:

Leadership is about the example you set and the culture you create.

I got the vapors when I read that.

Others follow based on the quality of a leader’s actions, rather than the magnitude of their declarations.
You can’t walk into a room and say, “I am the leader!” and expect people to follow. That’s not a best leadership practice, rather it’s the best way to get an eye roll.

The way you get others to follow you is demonstrating you deserve to be followed. This can only be done with actions. As I’ve said before: You Are Your Best Follower, first and foremost:

  • You give the standards, then
  • You show how to follow them.

Don’t just talk about it.
Be about it.

It’s how you get the credibility & respect that make people want to buy into your system. It sets the tone for your culture, which lays the groundwork for excellence to grow.