Be Guided By Your Ideal

We – you, me, everyone – are each endowed with a completely-unique gift: the set of characteristics, experiences,& skills that make us who we are. We perceive things differently, interpret things differently, and are inspired differently.

Everything about each of us is completely unique. Never been done before. Will never happen the same way again.

Your uniqueness is your strength. It sets you apart from everyone else. Nobody else is you, and only you can do what you do how you do it.

And it’s that uniqueness that makes only you able to do your brand of good.

You create your life by your own set of directions, and you got those directions in a completely-unique way. Same for everyone else. Those directions also put a destination in our minds, one interpreted differently by everyone, which we each use to define our purpose.

Having context for our thoughts guides our actions. It’s why religions have a human manifestation leader: to provide an example of what a perfect member is and does, how they embody the teachings and principles. It’s why companies lay out guidelines for proper workplace behavior: so people know what is expected & what is unacceptable.

You can do the same in your own life, in your own mind.

Set your own guiding principles. Have a picture of your ideal set in mind, and then BE that person in every moment. It’s my principle of Concurrent Good in personal motion:

Turn everything–your thoughts, your actions, every moment of every day–toward the ideal that lives constantly in the back of your mind.

You won’t achieve it all at once, rather the cumulation of all your on-target choices will take you to the goal. Be the CEO of Right Now.

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