Big Move: Facebook Shared Its Sexual Harassment Policy

Today, I saw an interesting move from a big, influential company… maybe you’ve heard of it?


Yyyyup, the ol’ book of faces made its sexual-harassment policy public, which I thought was a really bold public policy leadership move.

When asked why, Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg wrote that the company decided to make the policy public “not because we think we have all the answers, but because we believe that the more companies are open about their policies, the more we can all learn from one another.”

I’m glad to see more companies not fearing transparency & encouraging more open dialogue. It’s OBVIOUS that we could all stand to talk to each other more, because sharing our stories is the only way we can try to form fuller views of this life.

I’ve talked about it before in The Cycle of Openness.

The only thing any of us truly have is our life, our perspective, our programming… our own story.

We can decide to let it turn into drama, or we can use it to make ourselves better. Here’s what I mean by that.

Learn more about fb’s “People Practices” here.