The Mindset for Progress

This time of year hits & people start talking about the changes they’re going to make, making resolutions for the new year.

Guess what?

If you’re doing that, you’re not going to achieve those “goals”… and yes, I actually used air quotes when I wrote that.

New Year’s Resolutions aren’t actual goals. They’re lies we tell ourselves, fantasies about an ideal. They’re not actual destinations we’re actually willing to reach.

The very instant that you’re unsatisfied with your life is the time to change. The. Very. Moment.

As soon as you get that twinge of ‘Nah, this isn’t my jam’, it’s time to find what DOES work for you. Right then.

It’s your life.

Don’t wait on it, discount it, or expect anything less from it.

Stay tuned for my upcoming book about this very topic.
Make it happen.

It starts with the thought, as does everything that humans have ever created. You start with the thought to make something happen. Then, you create ripples in the fabric of the universe… aka: you act.

You speak, you do, you make decisions, & all those things have results.

When you make the decision to direct everything you do in every present moment to your end goal, all those Right Nows and their results add up & become the “future” you desire, rather, you’ll be living the life you imagine.

Since we’re Elimin’18 the stuff that keeps us from making progress, stop making these excuses.