My Legacy In A Tweet (Or, Unexpected Life Lessons from Hootsuite)

Earlier today, I was soaking in a bath. Epsom salt, Aveda’s stress-fix composition oil, & a candle lit… the whole nine.

[Sidenote: I used to hate baths… no, not as a kid! Like, as an adult, I was very averse to them, until I took a existence-changing bath a few months back. Been chasing that dragon ever since.]

Anywho, while I bathe, I ‘phone’.

So, I was setting up some blogs on WordPress, and scheduling their accompanying social media posts via Hootsuite… which made me think back to scheduling texts on my Samsung (doea iPhone have a similar feature?), because I’m an intense person & WOULD say all the things when they come to me, but that can be overwhelming & I’ve gotten ego-bruising responses in the past… so I try to spread out the love: birthday texts, “love you infinity” texts, “I miss/love your face” texts, whatever.

I’m always keenly aware of it all, memories & present feelings, my friends or my love or my family on constant mental loop+repeat.

My mom, sister, aunt, grandma, and I have an ongoing group message. We share news, cute stuff, inside jokes–you know what goes on in group msging.

I was like, ’Aww… I’d love to be able to schedule random texts to them…’ And I continued on, scheduling tweets & thinking more about what I’d put in future tweets…

Suddenly, I paused.

’Whoa, how freaky would that be if I died, but my tweets kept posting??’

Immediately followed by…

’Well, shoot, I better make them awesome!’

And, of course, that extended to…

The real-life interactions.

Words said & the impressions they leave. What may go unsaid, & whether or not it should.

The effects of all our actions on ourselves & others, because they ripple out from us & create our realities.

Our thoughts, which is where everything begins… better make those awesome, too. If what we do now echoes through eternity, there can’t be any room for doubt, hate, or negativity

Set the future up for success.