Be the CEO of ‘Right Now’

If you were to attend every college class thinking, ‘My goal is to graduate. Gotta graduate. Graduate. GRADUATE,” that’s a ton of pressure for every class, every minute. Like. it’s a mid-October Tuesday during sophomore year… take a breath.

To pin GRADUATE on every present moment takes away from the attention and energy and focus that each of the Right Nows could & should be getting.

Graduating is a cumulative result. It happens after, err, BECAUSE OF, attending hundreds of classes, submitting countless essays & assignments, and taking part in numerous presentations over several years. None of us can live yesterday or tomorrow at this very moment–the only thing we can control is what we do Right Now, so that’s all we can focus on.

Be the CEO of Right Now.

Businesses have different departments that oversee specific topics. Microsoft Office offers Excel & Word to carry out different functions. We take different classes in school to round-out our education. All to serve a higher purpose.

In the business world, most people experience this–when they reach a certain level in their company, they have a set of corresponding duties and concerns. When you’re at an entry level, you know everything about your role and the processes that exist at that level. The impact at that level is low overall, but requires a lot of personal accountability to those few duties.

At the managerial level, the number of moving pieces increases, but the goals become broader. The body’s–a branch, a team, a project–success becomes paramount.

This repeats at the director & executive levels.

And the CEO wants to make sure the entire organism is functioning properly & successfully. By keeping everyone accountable at every step, they make sure the overall picture–the present moments that eventually become the future–is supported.

It’s adding bricks to build the life you want.

When you’re the CEO of ‘Right Now’, you keep the end goal in mind while making sure the day-to-day lines up with that goal.

It’s impossible to mentually or manually manage every machination. Even more impossible to control the future or change the past. But it is possible to
be “All In” every present moment, constantly & consistently making you happen.