Beyond What We Know or See…

“To free ourselves from animal instincts and appetites, which keep us down, we should begin at the very root from which we spring… we should effect a radical reform…”

…in the ways we interact with, relate to, & consider each other.

We can make our interactions positive, useful, beneficial for ourselves and to others.

We can look for ways to relate which build up our own understanding of life.

We can consider each other as tools, resources, whether or not we see eye-to-eye.

Compassionate accountability in the way we cross diversity boundaries can be the difference. Click here to read more.
These things are the radical departures from the norm that will take us to new places. The old ways no longer serve us well, and we–as evolved, thinking beings–must find more lasting solutions for our future.

Our ability to incorporate enlightened practices into our norms has been our trademark. Our ancestors innovated, looked beyond what they knew or saw, explored, and shaped our world today. Imagine the progress we could make if we learned to handle our differences & make something useful of the situations we have (so far, fruitlessly) turned into drama.

And the collective impact if we all turned our individual efforts to positive, productive, or proactive destinations… geez… Because we don’t have to be in the same ships to head toward the same horizon. And we don’t have to be the same to share the goal of doing better.

How we can begin: