I Know There Are Alternatives

“”A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about the perils of limited thinking, ”‘Only This’ Thinking” I called it.

That post restates what my Papaw used to say: There’s more’n one way to skin a cat. That was usually when I knew his Southern boy ingenuity was about to kick in to pick up where conventional means fell off. That guy had street smarts… if those streets were dirt roads & your very existence depending on your own two hands.

Everyone on this planet is living a completely unique experience, and it does a huge disservice—by creating disharmony and conflict—to society by trying to limit or stifle all its many parts.

The same goes for business. When an industry changes, like with the introduction of new technology, businesses are forced to keep up. There are a number of Strategic Alternatives for Business they can employ to maintain a competitive edge. They can compete on cost. They can spotlight what makes them different from competitors. They can also diversify, or find alternative routes to make their operations work in related markets.

It’s all about making progress, growih, and avoiding atrophy or degeneration.


Which is exactly what it feels like to people who feel besieged or belittled or betrayed by society: degrading. And, so often, those who feel displaced and disrespected seek to limit others as well, especially through politics. And their resistance to groups creates resistance in that group to the perpetrators of the perceived oppression. And so the Cycle persists.

I’d like to see that go-nowhere push-and-pull stop. I’d like to see the negative issues in our society solved. I’d like us to make some progress, rather than backslide or make change just for change’s sake.

I know we can.

Obstacles may lie in agreeing on what we should be shooting for. But, we can start finding solutions. If we talk to each other. If we each tap into our own compassionate capacities. If we seek better ways to make diversity work for us.