Concurrent Good – A Model for Comprehensive Success

“”Think about all the things that came together to make you.

All that genetic information from generation after generation of the people whose separate storylines converged to make the people who made the people who made you.

Sit back and be amazed for a second—I’m doing the same thing right now, so we can both take a moment to tremble in awe.

We are, literally, the next upgrade in our genes’ models & iOS.

As such, we are each incredibly powerful tools, resources for what it means to be alive.

Think about what we could do if we contributed our individual “good” to someone else’s and, even better, learned about theirs by asking what life looks like from their point-of-view & improved our own databases. Self-reinforcing upward cycle, for the win.

More than our physical differences, we are unique expressions of what it means to be human. Realities, histories, experiences, skills, and perspectives… none of us have the same combination of them. They make us who we are.

“”Imagine if we all tapped into that uniqueness, applied it to our lives… ”to make the best Me happen”.. imagine if we encouraged the same in each other. There isn’t room for negativity, hatefulness, destruction when you’re being your own brand of HERO.

Imagine what we could do by harnessing the power of diversity: putting EVERYONE’S diverse talent to work. Major problems would turn into innovative solutions. If we all turned our “good” toward complex social issues, we could report from our respective vantage points & direct all those inputs to world-changing solutions.

Even deciding to work together would help identify the root of so many issues, which would help make progress in many meaningful ways (instead of the ridiculous, go-nowhere, social isssue ping-pong going on).

We could even apply this to making personal improvements—making change requires changing/replacing/destroying habits, rather the thought processes that create them. And that all starts with awareness.

Awareness of our socialization & upbringing & how it all affects how we relate to people, ideas, the entire world. Because we’ve all had different experiences, which is an important fact to keep in the foreground when it comes to comprehensive solutions.

And, finally, enters the conscious choice to direct all thoughts, words, actions, intentions to the ideal (to being who and what you want your reality to be, & the same applies for me too—that’s all I’ve been focusing on lately).

Everything about you would be working together for good ends. Strengths pull hard, making strides forward. Shortcomings provide new opportunities for growth. It all provides new floors from which to build, level up, & lay new foundations to—ultimately, whether it’s personal growth, organizational success, or an entire society—reach new heights.

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The definition of Concurrent Good.