Live Your Purpose On Purpose

Your thoughts. Make them your own.

Your words. Make them your own.

Your actions. Make them yours.

Your habits & the thought processes that create them.
Make them yours.

Your character. Make it yours.

Accountability. Make it yours.

Because it is that–what YOU, yourself, decide you will be–which creates the entire life you will live.

Will you allow yourself to be selfish, hateful, or unprincipled?

Your destiny. Make it yours.

Will you be unconscientious or destructive in the pursuit of your own interests?

Awareness. Make it yours.

Will your mental picture of life be one with richness, fullness, multifacetedness?

Your world. Make it yours.

Do you see mere maintenance, or do you see opportunity for growth?

Possibility. Make it yours.

Your mindset. Your outlook. Your perspective. Make them yours.

Your attitude determines your altitude; that is, we can do great things when we set our minds to being the types of people who accomplish great things. It’s true: what you seek is seeking you. And it all adds up to one thing…

Your legacy.

Make it yours.

This is the essence of what I mean when I say: MAKE YOU HAPPEN.

What we do now echoes through eternity. When we take our effect on life seriously, things can change IMMEASURABLY for us all.

When we recognize our own divine purpose–the “me” we were all meant to be–we can live it. When we see the same in others, we can appreciate them on a whole new level… and, by extension, honor life even more.

You were meant to live your purpose ON PURPOSE.

Our individual purpose is a deep and beautiful thing. Living it on purpose… that’s amazingly powerful.

You could go about selfish gains in “making you happen,” but that is not the real YOU. You could separate yourself or subjugate others, but that’s not the real YOU either. Hurt people hurt people, and our divine selves are meant for love.

We are all united simply by membership in This Life. And we were put in this life to shine, to honor it by showing our love for it… and how do we do that?

With ourselves.

No matter how you think we got here, the maxim remains the same: whatever you are, be a good one. We are all part of this life, therefore all part of each other. Our differences in beliefs shouldn’t be a hinderance, but rather a help, in finding how we can best-honor our source of life… with our lives.

We have to make the choice to make it all happen. And that starts within.

This came to me during meditation–it is everything that came to mind, plus some, as I pondered what it means to be a successful participant in this life & the ways we can connect to do concurrent good. Because I sincerely believe we can, if we can strike closer to the core of our true nature.