I Hope We Can Start Seeing Each Other Again

Awhile back, I wrote a Facebook/post-turned-website-post poem called See All of Me.

It is the culmination of an idea, set of stanzas, & feeling I carried around with me for a few days in the form of a sense of misunderstood displacement in this world. Finally, i just wrote it all down. And It goes like this:

    I’m more than a number
    More than color or creed
    I’m a past and a future
    Please, see all of me
    I have hopes
    I have fears
    I have love
    I have doubt
    Look at them all to figure me out
    Each person is more
    Than what we can see
    I’m still in the works
    Please, see all of me
    See the marks of my past
    See the ways I have grown
    Like the rings of a tree
    We each have our own
    Life‘s journeys we take
    Some scenic,, some long
    Take us all different ways
    But different doesn’t mean wrong
    My path has been winding
    As things tend to be
    But I’m still moving forward
    Please, see all of me
    We all have been hurt
    Some scars can be seen
    But others are hidden
    Inside, underneath
    I’ve lashed out in anger
    Felt the sorrow and grief
    I vowed to do better
    Please, see all of me
    I’ve faced my own darkness
    Now, try to live joyfully
    I choose to do better
    Please, see all of me

It was cathartic.

It was exactly what needed to come out at that time.

I imagine that quite a few people feel that way, wanting to be seen, wishing people cares to look deeper & maybe understand them a bit better. Something tells me that not feeling seen is why people pick ul their assault weapons and go shoot up schools, churches, etc.

My heart goes out to everyone who wishes they felt seen. I know those feelz & am genuinely working on doing better.

And, if you’re feeling down, here’s something that just might pick you up:

Shortly after publishing SAOM to my website, I got on Instagram ONLY TO FIND THAT #SeeAllOfMe WAS ATTACHED TO ABOUT A BAJILLION PORN POSTS. So…