Many Faces, Combined Into One

Doing research, just now, for a new diversity & inclusion theory that came to me in the shower last night, I came across the definition of multifaceted:

Having many faces.

Made me think of all the faces I’ve seen in my life–the ones I saw in passing, the ones I love dearly & how they’ve changed during the time we’ve intersected in our lifetimes–and the looks of those faces.I’ve seen smiling faces. And I smile now just thinking of them. The way eyes crinkle in the corners. How foreheads soften when I’ve broken through to someone’s funnybone. I love smiling faces.

I’ve seen sad faces, hurt, cheeks streaked with tears. My eyes well up thinking of their pain.

I’ve even got a furry face looking up at me with sleepy love-eyes (it’s almost impossible to sit still in my house without one of the animals coming to snuggle).

It’s cool to think of all the ways these faces, furry and human alike, came into my life. I can’t help but remember all the stories I’ve come to learn about all those faces.

All the stories that make up my universe, and all the ones that have made up THE universe.

With that thought, I had to go look up the etymology of universe & what its two parts — uni and verse — mean.

It traces back to the Latin universus.

uni = ‘one’ + versus = ‘turned’

Together, as universus, they’re taken to mean: combined into one, whole.

And, now, I’m just sitting here, simmering in the nerdiness of what just transpired & the awesomeness of where that train of thought dropped me off. The fact that multifaceted led me to universe, that “many faces combined into one” is where I ended up, is… so nice.

You can call it oneness, that we are all God’s children, different expressions of the universe, threads in the tapestry of Life… it does not matter to me what you call it, but I will ask that you look at more faces with this thought in mind. Different paths to the same destination & what a crazily-great destination.