Levels of Consciousness – Desire to Pride

The Scale of Consciousness is a system of measuring the frequencies of certain emotional states which affect a personal overall awareness and being. It ranges from shame to enlightenment, with a range of other mental states in between.

Below are descriptions of the lower-mid levels: Desire to Pride.

Desire (125)

Not to be confused with setting and achieving goals, this is the level of addictive desire, craving, and lust (for money, approval, power, and fame). Other examples include consumerism, materialism, excessive smoking, drinking, and drug abuse.

Anger (150)

The level of strong hate and frustration, often from not having one’s desires met at the lower level. This level can spur one to action at higher levels, or it can keep one stuck in hatred. In an abusive relationship, there’s often an angry person coupled with a fear person.

Pride (175)

The first level where one starts to feel good, but it’s a false feeling. It’s dependent on external circumstances (money, prestige, etc), so it’s vulnerable. This is often a state of irrational denial and defensiveness.

Religious fundamentalism is an example of this level. A person becomes so closely enmeshed in their beliefs that they see an attack on their beliefs as an attack on themselves.

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