Concurrent Good

Concurrent Good is a model for success.

Concurrent Good is how we work together, individually. It’s how we reach new heights.

Concurrent Good directs all the moving parts of a body (the human one & the life inside it, an organization, a team–any group) to achieve a goal.

Concurrent Good leverages differences in purpose, function, and/or perspective to benefit a larger objective. It’s how we harness the power of diversity.

Concurrent Good applies to:

  • Personal Development
  • Leadership
  • Organizational Success

The applications are varied, but the structure remains the same:

  • A clear end point,
  • Recognition of assets–how to maximize their contribution to success,
  • Clear duties for those assets, and
  • Focus on the goal, on a macro level AND by way of all its many parts fulfilling their individual contributions to it.
Read on for how Concurrent Good applies in specific fields

Personal Development

To achieve personal goals requires being “all in“–mind, body, and spirit.

This means examining thought processes, habits, and actions. Some will be kept & magnified. Other things have to be eliminated in the journey to self-mastery.

It’s about fully embodying your ideal.


Executives and managers, team captains and coaches, spiritual leaders, superintendents, even heads of households are charged with directing those they oversee to be their best. This requires a give-and-take cycle of setting clear expectations and being an example for the others to follow in achieving them.

Organizational Success

Sports teams have different positions. Corporations have numerous departments. Non-profits have entire swaths of society they serve through a central issue. Either way, all parts of an organization should be directed to success.

They won’t all play the same role, but they all are A PART, not apart from the larger goal of achieving excellence.

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