Death to Complainers

If you’re a complainer, you can eat a turd and go jump off a bridge… seriously, I am so sick of people’s crappy attitudes and mindsets, being negative, talking about nothing useful, pointing out only what’s wrong with no intention of fixing it & rarely, if ever, offering a solution.

If you don’t have anything useful to say… Shut up!

If you aren’t adding anything good to a situation… Keep your mouth closed.

If all you have to offer is criticism (not commentary or critique), you don’t actually have anything to offer & are only wasting oxygen.

If all you have to contribute is obvious observation or gripes, like some fat bitchy 8th grade Mean Girl, you aren’t actually contributing, and I can hardly believe you’re able to function with that much crap about stuff that doesn’t actively or actually concern you clogging your selfish, self-centered, simple mind.

You need to reevaluate everything, because there’s a good possibility that your whole life sucks because your outlook sucks

Because… just because something is a problem to you does not mean that it is a problem… Sometimes it is the way an issue is being perceived, making you the true problem.

And your crap is nobody else’s to have to deal with. Ever.

Instead of that energy wasted being a negative-suck blackhole of sad-sack despair lamenting about the littlest things that actually have no bearing on your life, what are you doing to actually, proactively make life better?

What are you doing to help what you see is wrong, or fix the defect if there truly IS one?

What are you adding, other than another voice to the chorus of jerkoffs who think everyone else is wrong & they themselves are somehow above reproach, a gleaming bastion of all that is true and right and correct in the world?


If you’re just one of the chorus, you’re no star… And, unless you get your own AM radio talkshow where you get to condescend to everyone for a 3-hour block each day, you should get a a job as a blimp bc you’re full of hot air.

[i know that’s not how blimps work.]

Complaining is not conversation, and complainers are the used tanpons of our collective humanity.