#YouMightOwnaMAGAHat If You’ve Ever Said Any of These Lines

There’s a hashtag trending on twitter right now: #YouMightOwnaMAGAHat

It’s basically a trumper-mocking version of Jeff Foxworthy’s “Yooouuuu might be a Redneck…” that plays off King Baby drumpf’s slogan MAGA: Make America Great Again. Politics are whatever to me lately – more frustrating than anything, not very interesting, not enriching or intelligently-discussed… I’m just down for a laugh.

My #FriendsGate pal, Ted Fox, tweeted this:

If you’re constantly telling people how not racist you are #YouMightOwnaMAGAHat

But, it made me think about all the paths that MAGA-parrots have taken to this point. Having studied government & being an habitual people-watcher, I can’t help but draw connections… Plus, it takes a special type to hear, accept, and then SO-PASSIONATELY repeat the MAGA slogan and many other GOP-spun lines.

So, of course, I can’t help but assume that you might own a MAGA hat if you’ve said any of the following lines…

1. “If you let a man marry another man, what’s next – you gonna let him marry his dog?”

An oldie, but a goodie. This was a popular one in Texas. I’m almost ashamed at how often I heard it at church, at school, on the radio, in the grocery store…

It’s a logical fallacy.

Same-sex & interspecies are different, geniuses.

2. Anything about Colin Kaepernick not being a “real” or “good” American

Hello, the right to express an opinion is friggin’ THE ESSENCE OF being an American, even when that opinion is unfavorable to our government.

If White people were being targeted and/or killed in disproportionate numbers to the rest of the population, they might feel differently.

What they fail to realize: It is the same thing. What you allow to happen to one citizen, you let it happen to all citizens. It’s the karma of politics.

But, I guess to MAGA means to keep the old racial power structures.

3. “I don’t want to use the bathroom next to a [insert opposite sex or anything trans-related]”, or anything that deflects Bathroom Bills’ true purposes 

The GOP seems really good at coming up with excuses about their policy/stances that make them seem not-bigoted.

They’re good at coming up with them. That’s not saying they’re GOOD reasons that hold up under the most basic scrutiny, but they’re quick on the draw with ’em.

Just your typical hatefulness trying not to look like hatefulness.

4. “That’s just locker room talk…”

Enablers also buy swag.

5. Anything about “Killary” or Benghazi or email servers

See previous point.

6. “That’s how we’ve always done it.”

Cool, but the rest of us are trying to make progress… sharks and time have one thing in common: they don’t go in reverse.

We can’t go back. Yes, the emotions attached to nostalgia are strong. But “the good ol’ days” weren’t good for everyone, and we won’t grow by taking back or holding down parts of society.

And I know some jackass will attempt a smug point about how nobody wants to hear what white supremacists have to say – “they have rights, too!” Sure, they have the right to express themselves, but they’re based on the notion that others should be made less-than & that’s crap.

The notion that others shouldn’t have freedom because of characteristics is stupid, regressive, anti-great… which brings me to…

7. “It’s my free speech!” Or other rights-related statements in one of two ways…
First, if you’ve told a fellow citizen that – the first amendment says that Congress shall make no law that prevents someone from speaking publicly. The right to express yourself is there & can’t be taken away by law or by government, but it doesn’t have much effect when it comes to fellow citizens who just don’t want to hear your shit. It’s just stupid to say it to another person.

We don’t have to just sit by and let people say what they want, which brings up the 2nd part of this… 

if you don’t respect it for others. This one is the biggest tell I’ve observed – typical of drumpf & his minions, they want the benefits but deny them to others.

Heeerrrreee’s your hat…