Levels of Consciousness – Courage to Reason

The Scale of Consciousness is a concept developed to explain and measure the effects of certain emotional states on a person’s existence. It assigns frequencies to mental states and places then allng a spectrum.

Below are descriptions of the emotions from Courage to Reason:

Courage (200)

The first level of true strength.

This is where one starts to see life as challenging and exciting, instead of overwhelming. This level promotes interest in personal growth, such as skill-building, career advancement, and further education.

Here, a person starts to see their future as an improvement upon their past, rather than a continuation of the same.

Neutrality (250)

This level is epitomized by the phrase, “live and let live.” It’s flexible, relaxed, and unattached. Whatever happens, there is no need to have anything to prove. One feels safe and relates easily with other people. This is a very comfortable place, sometimes promoting a level of complacency and laziness.

Willingness (310)

At this level a persona is safe and comfortable, and can start using their energy more effectively. One begins to take action and thinks about time management, productivity, and getting organized. This is the level where the development of willpower and self-discipline becomes important. This is the point where one’s consciousness becomes more organized and disciplined.

Acceptance (350)

This is the level where a powerful shift happens, and one awakens to the possibilities of living proactively. At the level of willingness, one becomes competent, but at this level their abilities are multiplied to good use. This is the level of setting and achieving goals. This level drives many people to switch careers, start a new business, or change their lifestyle.

Reason (400)

At this level, one transcends the emotional aspects of the lower levels and begins to think clearly, rationally, and start making meaningful contributions. At the very high end, this is the level of Einstein and Freud.

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